Longitudinal Modeling using MPlus

Longitudinal Modeling using MPlus

June 15th-17th, 2017

Instructor: D. Betsy McCoach

During this a three-day workshop, students will learn how to model longitudinal data using Mplus. The workshop focuses on fitting and interpreting autoregressive and growth curve models in Mplus. Specifically, we will cover linear, polynomial, multiphase, non-linear growth curve models, multivariate growth curve models, autoregressive models, and hybrid autoregressive/growth models for both observed variables and latent constructs. Some prior knowledge and experience in Structural Equation Modeling is recommended.

Topics to be covered include

  • Autoregressive Longitudinal Models
  • Cross-lagged panel models
  • Time unstructured vs. Time structured data
  • Centering and coding variables for longitudinal models
  • Estimating Linear growth curve models
  • Time Varying Covariates
  • Estimating multiphase growth curve models
  • Estimating Polynomial growth curve models
  • Latent Basis growth curve Models
  • Multivariate Models
  • Combining autoregressive and growth models

The workshop runs from 9-5 on Thursday and Friday and from 9-4 on Saturday.

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